Knock Off:: Duvet Covers from Urban Outfitters, West Elm & more

Today I am so excited to share with you some amazing tutorials I have found across the web on how to create some great covers from Pottery Barn, West Elm, Anthropology and Urban Outfitters.

Number 1

The one on the left is from Urban Outfitters and the one on the right is from Kiki Creates. Kiki used a couple king sheets and some thrifted linens to make this amazing bedding.

Using this same tutorial you could even do the Tuxedo Ruffle Quilt (shown below) also from UO. Just sew all those ruffles in a straight line.

Remember it is harder to hide faults when sewing a straight line then when doing a curve so keep that in mind when choosing which one you want to make.

Number 2

Homestitched shows you how to create Anthropologie’s version of the Tuxedo Bedding. To do the whole bedding set you can combine the duvet cover tutorial from Kiki Creates and the tutorial from Homestitched and voila a beautiful bed to crawl into at night.

I really love this bedding from Pottery Barn (I can no longer find it on their site so I can’t link you up – sorry)

I am thinking couldn’t you just use the Homestitched tutorial and Kiki Creates Tutorial, make a few adjustments, like don’t sew it straight and bam! you have a PB knock off? I think I might give this a try and see what I can come up with. If it doesn’t go well I’ll switch to the one up above with the ruffled curve.

Number 3

Here is a great tutorial of Anthropologie’s Rosette Bedding.

kojodesigns has a great tutorial on how to make your own version of the beautiful purple bedding.

Number 4

This duvet comes from Urban Outfitters and is part of their Waterfall Collection.

Beautiful and tranquil feeling. The tutorial I am providing for this is just for a pillow. But again use the same method just in much longer pieces and you will have a duvet cover. Once again you can use Kiki Creates for how to create a duvet using sheets and then use the pillow tutorial from The Little Moments for how to create the waterfall effect.

Do you have some great tutorials for bedding that you have used? Share with us in the comments.